Synonymous with travel, the jungle style radically changes your atmosphere and gives way to a relaxed atmosphere . This decor will be made possible by a skilful combination of materials, patterns and colors.


For an interior that takes you straight to the tropics, natural materials will be preferred. Wood will therefore be the key element of your interior. Acacia, pine, walnut, oak or bamboo, all types of wood will be suitable. Cane and rattan furniture has recently made a comeback and also lends itself perfectly to a tropical jungle decor. We especially love the rattan armchairs and chests of drawers with canework details .

And since wood can’t be everywhere, metal will also be welcome in your space. Furniture legs, handles, suspensions and decorative objects, metal will easily find its place. However, prefer golden metals , such as brass, which will warm up your decoration and will better match the sunny theme you are looking to adopt.


For household linen, turn to light materials such as linen , cotton and sheer . These materials will make it possible not to weigh down the decoration and to accentuate the expected freshness effect.

The use of all these materials can be applied to all your furniture, but also to your decorative elements, your suspensions, etc. Ultimately, natural elements will be the basis of your exotic decoration.

And above all, don’t forget to add as many plants as possible , the more, the better!


The tropical style is characterized by exotic patterns of all kinds. Discreet or imposing patterns , you will be spoiled for choice. In the foreground, there are of course the plants : foliage, flowers and palm trees. Wild animals occupy the background: parrots, leopards, zebras and monkeys, for a very lively decor.


In terms of colors, the tropical jungle decor will dazzle you. To enhance the natural hues of wood and let nature in, turn to bright, energizing colors . Green will obviously be a staple, as will yellow, orange, and all shimmering colors . If you want to adopt an exotic style while remaining sober, don’t worry. You will have no trouble finding your happiness in black, gray, white and beige tones.

To enjoy a trendy tropical jungle decor, you have several options. First, you can bet on the materials you use and a few decorative items to make your space more exotic, without much effort. Second, you can add patterned wallpaper, or natural flooring to accentuate the wild spirit. Finally, do not hesitate to transform your interior into a real jungle by daring the green wall or the synthetic grass.


To dress your walls in the tropical theme, a multitude of possibilities are available to you. Standard or panoramic wallpaper , there are an infinite number. You will find them both with discreet plant motifs and with large motifs in extravagant colours.

In addition, an artificial green wall will immerse you in the heart of the jungle. No need to have a green thumb, you can simply enjoy greenery and freshness in your interior.

As far as your ground is concerned, you can also play on the total green look by opting for a synthetic turf model . In addition to having the pleasant feeling of walking in the grass, you will feel in total immersion in nature .

For a natural and elegant style, sisal and seagrass will be made for you. These floor coverings will perfectly match your tropical jungle decor.

However, you don’t need to make big changes for your exotic style to be successful. A simple rug in natural material can completely transform your space into a real sunny cocoon.

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