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The bedroom, this sacred room in which we spend time to relax and recharge our batteries . This is the room in your home that should breathe calm and serenity. For this, the layout of your room is very important. The decoration , the colors , the materials , nothing should be left to chance, because your environment will have a direct effect both on your sleep, but also on your well-being. For a peaceful and warm room , we can only recommend that you lay acoustic carpet there . In this article, you will discover all our tips for choosing the right bedroom carpet.


Whether in an adult’s room, a child’s room, or even a guest room, the carpet seduces on all levels. Indeed, it has many advantages , which will all contribute to making your bedroom a real cozy little nest


First, carpet is synonymous with comfort . Whether you choose it in natural fibers or synthetic fibers, you will always have a soft and pleasant feeling under your feet.

But what is the difference?

A natural carpet , ie wool, is extremely resistant and durable. In particular, wool provides excellent sound and heat insulation , significant criteria for a cocooning environment. In addition, its natural and authentic appearance will make the difference in your room.

When it comes to synthetic fiber carpets , there are different kinds. Polyamide carpet is the most common. Just like the wool carpet, it offers you a floor of great softness and strong resistance . It does not mark the weight of your furniture and quickly returns to its original shape. The polyester carpet, on the other hand, is a little less resistant than the previous ones, but will still be suitable for installation in a bedroom, which is generally a low-traffic room.

Whatever your preference, wool , polyamide and polyester carpets will all allow you to benefit from maximum comfort in your bedroom, whether it be tactile, visual, auditory or even thermal comfort.

Contrary to what one might think, carpet is the most suitable floor covering for a healthy environment . Indeed, the fibers of the carpet make it possible to retain small particles of dust and other allergens present in the air. These get stuck on the surface of your floor, letting you breathe purified air .

In addition, dust mites are generally not attracted to carpeting. These little creatures feed mainly on dead skin, they prefer to stay in your bedding or in damp rooms, such as the bathroom.

The carpet therefore improves the quality of your ambient air, prevents its pollution, and gives you an environment conducive to good restful sleep . It will be all the more appreciated by people suffering from allergies or asthma.

The bedroom is generally a low-traffic, low-dirty room . But you will still need to maintain your floor regularly. Do not worry, its maintenance is not very complicated. Simply give a good vacuum , this will effectively remove the dirt accumulated on the surface of your carpet. For best results, it is advisable to use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Be careful, however, never to let any liquid get soaked. If you spill any on your carpet, sponge it up as soon as possible and without rubbing. In the event of a stain, you can use a damp sponge and a suitable stain remover.

Ultimately, maintaining a carpet is quite simple and requires very little effort . Thus, the carpet is an ideal solution for a cozy bedroom.

As you will have understood, to make your bedroom a real haven of peace , you will need a comfortable carpet, which effectively insulates you from noise and retains heat well. But what about its design  ?

Whether you are modern, classic, extravagant or minimal, there is bound to be a model that suits you . You will find them in all colors and all styles. However, some models are preferred for installation in a bedroom.

Colors have a real impact on our mood , our state of mind and also on the quality of our sleep . It will therefore be important to choose your bedroom carpet in the right color. Our advice: avoid bright and anxiety-inducing colors, and opt instead for a neutral and natural shade . White, beige, grey, brown or black tones will provide the perfect base for a truly restful bedroom. For a more colorful touch, you can also bet on a so-called “sedative” color , which helps you fall asleep, such as a blue , light pink or purple carpet for example.

To finish your carpet, we recommend that you dress your floor with a velvet or saxony carpet , with a fluffy and warm appearance.

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