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What you need to know about garden tiles before choosing.


Garden tiles are very special bricks, they are often used to pave the yard instead of pouring concrete as usual. This type of brick has many outstanding advantages, therefore they are chosen by many owners for their construction.

The garden tiles will have a decorative effect to create accents for the outdoor space. If there are only trees outside the yard, it will be quite monotonous, but using this brick will make your whole garden more visible.

Tiles used for garden paving appreciated for its good bearing capacity. Spatial terrace garden This is the place where people often go back and forth, and also a place to park cars and motorbikes. So when choosing this line of bricks, you can be completely assured. Even though cars are often parked in the garden, the quality of the bricks will not decrease. This is also the reason why garden sheds and spacious villas often choose this type of brick.

Extremely resistant to moisture and humidity

Tiles are used for garden paving due to the frequent and direct contact with many harsh climatic conditions such as rain, storms, humidity, humidity… Therefore, this line of bricks must have higher quality requirements than traditional bricks.

Garden tiles are highly valued by many users for their extremely high resistance to moisture and humidity. Because the bones of this brick are compacted and fired at high temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius, even with exterior paving, it is difficult for water to penetrate deep inside the brick.

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of the above factors make a significant contribution to increasing the service life of bricks, as well as increasing the maximum waterproofing ability.Good slip resistance is also one of the differences when comparing garden tiles with traditional tiles. By observing the surface of garden tiles, they will see that they are not smooth or shiny. Instead, it has a rough surface, so it can be non-slip, very suitable for outdoor decoration.

When using garden tiles, you can move around safely even when it’s raining and windy. Especially families with young children and the elderly don’t have to worry about slippery issues.

What factors should you pay attention to when choosing garden tiles?

There are many types of garden tiles in the market today different Japanese garden to satisfy users. However, to ensure quality, aesthetic factors and cost when choosing tiles, you should pay attention to a few points below:

Floor tiles are available in many different sizes, from small to large. It gives people more choices.

However, before buying bricks, you should measure the area and space of the garden to determine how to choose the right size brick.

For small gardens, choose small slabs. As for the spacious and airy garden, you can consider using larger-sized bricks.

For the garden, one should not choose too large bricks, which will reduce the bearing capacity. As for bricks that are too small, they will create dirt paths that can easily be glued.

The element of color plays an extremely important role in increasing the aesthetics of the building as well as in accordance with feng shui. If you like a modern and young space, it is better to choose bright and bright brick colors.

You should not choose such dark colors, it will create a feeling of dullness and crampedness. You can choose colors such as gray, white, blue, yellow-brown wood.

In addition, do not choose too bright colors like red, orange, yellow. Because when there is sunshine, it will create a feeling of glare, irritation and discomfort.

When choosing the color of the brick, you should also pay attention to the interior and exterior elements of the house. If the house is in a deep tone, then the garden should also choose tiles of the same color. Therefore, to choose the right color of tiles, it is better to seek advice from architects.

The drainage factor is extremely important, so you need to be very careful when choosing patio tiles.

If you choose poor quality bricks, poor drainage will lead to waterlogging, the surface easily degrades and is unsightly. When the water cannot be drained, causing waterlogging, the so it will be very expensive to replace and repair it.

The 5 most popular types of garden tiles today

Currently, the demand for garden tiles is increasing day by day. Therefore, manufacturers have released many different models of bricks.

For each tile pattern will bring unique beauty. Here are the 5 most commonly used patio tile designs today.

The use of grass tiles is a trend that many people are choosing today. This is a type of brick that simulates grasses in nature, they are made from many different materials of every function and building location.

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