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Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know


Every homeowner has to deal with the difficulty of keeping carpets fresh and clean. Although thorough cleaning is best left to the professionals, particularly in places where there are many options, like Singapore carpet cleaners, there are a few efficient home remedies you may try. Between professional cleanings, use these techniques to keep your carpets looking great and lasting a long time.

Use Baking Soda to Reduce Odours

A common home item, baking soda can neutralise odours. If your carpet smells bad, try covering the afflicted area with a thick layer of baking soda. If the smell is really strong, leave it in place for at least 15 minutes or overnight. To get rid of the baking soda, vacuum well. This technique helps to remove dirt and grime from your carpet while also eliminating odours, leaving it feeling clean and fresh.

Apply a Vinegar Solution Right Away to Stains

Accidents do occur, and in those cases, prompt action is essential to avoid the establishment of stains. White vinegar and water are two items you probably already have in your kitchen that may be used to create an easy and efficient solution. In a spray bottle, combine equal parts white vinegar and water. After applying the solution with a sprayer, dab the stain with a fresh cloth or sponge. Removing stains by rubbing might cause the stain to seep farther into the carpet’s fibres. You may add a tiny bit of dish soap to the mixture for more stubborn stains.

Ice Cubes for Indentations in Furniture

Your carpet may get ugly dents from heavy furniture. A simple solution is to use ice cubes to solve this. Ice cubes should be placed on the indentations and allowed to melt. As the water pours into them, the carpet fibres will start to inflate and take on their original form. After the ice has melted, use a towel to remove any extra moisture from the fibres and gently fluff them with your fingers or a spoon. Your carpet’s look may be significantly improved with this easy method.

Carpet Rake to Remove Pet Hair

Even with frequent vacuuming, removing pet hair from carpets can be extremely difficult. An affordable piece of equipment that may greatly simplify this operation is a carpet rake. Run the rake over your carpet to capture and loosen pet hair before cleaning. Your vacuum cleaner will be able to collect hair more efficiently as a result. Pet hair tends to become firmly lodged in high-pile carpets, making carpet rakes particularly helpful in these situations.

Use Shaving Cream to Clean Everything

Although it might seem strange, shaving cream works wonders for cleaning carpets. Use a tiny amount of shaving cream directly on stains and spots. Give it a half hour or so to sit. After that, use a moist cloth to blot the area and a fresh towel to dry it. The frothy texture of shaving cream aids in stain removal without leaving behind residue. Use only white, unflavored shaving cream; stay away from any that have extra colours or scents.

It’s not always necessary to hire a contractor or spend a lot of money on supplies to keep your carpet clean. In between expert cleanings, you can maintain the best-looking carpets with these easy-to-implement tips. Whether you’re dealing with filth, pet hair, or difficult stains, these pointers can help you keep your house clean in an economical and effective manner.

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