Roof garden or traditional garden?

Roof garden or traditional garden? What is the best option.?


The garden is where green plants are grown, and when arranged on the terrace, it will form an ideal space for rest and relaxation, away from the noisy and hectic life below the house. Owning a beautiful roof garden will help homeowners relax, relieve the pressure and fatigue of daily work. At the same time, it increases the aesthetics of the family living space, creating a distinctive and innovative feature compared to ordinary villas and houses.?

They also help keep the air in the house fresh, the humidity balanced and help reduce the radiation from the sun entering the house. You can turn the roof garden into a vegetable garden, satisfying not only the hobby of caring for plants, but also a place to provide safe green vegetables for the family, and at the same time create space for your baby can explore and learn. natural.

The patio is the sunniest and windiest space in your home. Therefore, many owners who want to make the most of the space in the house have decided to plant trees on the terrace, especially fresh vegetables.

Suitable for large spaces in the home

Arrange garden level 4 Although not wide, with a small angle, we also feel closer to nature. Therefore, most houses with spacious land are furnished with interior gardens and depending on the size of the land, the owner can decorate according to his preferred style.

Suitable for urban homes

The green space on the terrace has brought a cool and comfortable life, especially where the whole family can enjoy the breeze and play every afternoon

Natural air balance

The garden around the house will create a cool space, so you can immerse yourself in nature, balance the fresh air and add color to the house. In addition, landscaping a beautiful traditional garden also brings aesthetic value to help show the aesthetic taste of the owner.

Reduce heat for home space

Having a green space on the roof will help prevent heat and cool the house. We all know that the terrace is an area directly exposed to the sun, greening and regular watering will help to cool the house, thus helping the atmosphere inside the house not to be too harsh and stuffy.

Securing the structure of the house

House with garden model Surrounded by traditional architecture, it is appreciated by many people. They guarantee that the structure of the house will be preserved, not altered as when we arrange the garden directly on the terrace.

Affordable implementation cost

Decorating the terrace with plants is one of the most economical methods of decorating your home.

suitable for the harsh climate and environment with plenty of sun and wind on the terrace so that they can thrive all year round. Planting a lot of flowers should be avoided as they may last only a short time and wither.

Quick and easy change

When planting trees in the garden, we can easily move anywhere. At the same time, you easily control the soil in the pot and provide plant growth conditions such as fertilizer, water, etc.

This is the advantage of growing plants in the garden, with more soil than on the terrace, when you have to carry each bag of soil.

Just add water, a solution adapted to each type of plant, 1 to 2 times a week. It also saves water and nutrients because there is no leaching caused by sun and wind like on the terrace.

Growing green plants requires us to have plenty of soil, potted plants, and also regular watering to keep them green and growing. However, you need to learn about the methods of waterproofing the terrace to grow plants. In some apartments and townhouses, the design of the roof terrace does not meet the required slope standard. There is no drain pan, which causes the water to water the plants, combined with rainwater to stagnate for a long time and from there seep into the ceiling. It not only degrades the house but also affects the owner’s life.

So, when you decide to plant trees on the terrace, you should make sure of the following factors:

Good quality installed concrete roof floor waterproofing materials: with high elasticity, anti-shrinkage, cracking, optimal water resistance.

In order to ensure the construction technique to make the terrace in order to prevent the surface from deteriorating, it is possible to spray an additional layer of Sika to waterproof the concrete roof terrace.

In addition, if you choose one of the large-canopy, heavy-weight trees with roots deep in the wall, it can also change the structure of the house, bringing many difficulties if you want to overcome it. Therefore, be careful when choosing trees when arranging the garden on the terrace.

When designing a garden on the terrace, you can simply arrange it according to your preferences, and the planting area is not too large. However, if you want to have a beautiful traditional garden, you need to be more careful and detailed as well as more Penjing landscaping to increase the aesthetics. If not arranged intelligently, it can cause many problems for homeowners, leading to higher costs.

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