Kitchen renovating

Kitchen renovating? How to find perfect form & function


The kitchen is a space of creation. Whether slapping Vegemite on toast or making a Sunday roast, it’s the place where families get together to revel in culinary excellence and the occasional gastronomical gaffe, too!

But it’s vital that your space is one that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Why? Because form makes for a vibrant place to cook and functionality brings that goodness to life with optimal efficiency.

With this in mind, we’re here to provide some helpful tips for finding that harmonious balance that will maximise your cooking cred:

What do you need?

Whether it’s something big like a new range or accents like beautiful kitchen cabinet door handles, you first must address your needs. Do you revel in creating global gastronomical wonders for your family? Or, do you find yourself cooking on-the-go, bringing together fast-yet-tasty meals for a busy family?

When it comes to deciding your needs you should always consider storage. Consider your cutlery, cookware, pantry goods and utensils. Make a list of what essentials you need to cook and ensure you have the space to store them!

Consider your layout

All kitchen experts will recommend the holy trinity: the fridge, sink and stove in a triangle. This design method makes cooking much easier, as it minimises movement and maximises efficiency. Once you have included this in your layout it’s time to consider specific task areas. Think bench space for prepping, sink space for dishes, even a coffee corner if you’re like one of millions of Aussies who can’t start their day without a quality brew!

Designing the layout around your lifestyle requirements will maximise its efficiency. If possible, it’s good to ensure there is both plenty of bench space and plenty of space for foot traffic (so no one breaks the cardinal rule of getting in your way when cooking!).

Only purchase appliances you really need

There’s an appliance for everything these days, but do you really need that bread maker? Or, do you just have a penchant for sourdough right now that can probably wait until Bakers Delight opens in the morning? Don’t go ordering that bread maker if you’re only going to use it once before using it to take up important storage space!

But, of course, it’s important to choose appliances that will amplify your cooking efficiency. You can even install smartphone-controlled stove tops that truly enhance your ability to cook with ease. It’s important to consider how a particular appliance will make your job easier rather than something that will just get in the way.

Consider cabinetry

You want to optimise your vertical space when installing cabinets. Obviously, you don’t want them so high that you need the rickety chair to reach them, but something that will allow you to maximise the kitchen’s free space. What’s more, there are various smart storage solutions that can optimise space. From pull-out pantries to vertical dividers, you have a range of awesome options at your disposal.

Dividers, inserts and pull-out shelves are all fantastic design ideas, as they help keep all your essentials well-organised and ready-to-grab. Finally, remember to consider finishes: you have so many wonderful styles and materials available at your disposal, so don’t just grab the first thing based on its efficiency – you can make it look stunning, too!

Essential benchtops

There is nothing more essential in a kitchen than bench space. There is also nothing more frustrating than a lack of bench space. Therefore, it’s imperative to consider your countertops. Given that this is a fitting that is susceptible to chips, cracks and cuts, it’s important that you choose a quality material like granite or quartz. Not only are these materials heavy-duty and can take the occasional cut, but they are also aesthetically-beautiful and will enhance your space’s aesthetic.

So, remember these essentials when it comes to designing your dream cooking space. Just remember to optimise your lifestyle requirements whilst choosing finishes that enhance the space’s style!

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