A Mosquito Drink

How Much Blood Does A Mosquito Drink?


Do you know why mosquitoes ruin our peaceful, quiet summer nights? The sole purpose is to drink blood. What is the quantity of blood a mosquito consumes in a bite, and do male mosquitoes also consume blood or do female mosquitoes only depend on human blood?

Read on to find out why mosquitoes drink blood, as well as how much a mosquito usually consumes in a day. If you think mosquitoes infest your home, contact Saela Pest.

What is the amount of blood mosquitoes drink?

You can be assured that a female mosquito has just made a meal out of you when the telltale redness and swelling of a mosquito bite appear. Compared to their male counterparts, female mosquitoes actually need blood to nourish the development of their eggs, although they also consume various kinds of sugars. 

A female mosquito’s ability to reproduce rapidly declines in the absence of frequent blood intake because it needs protein. On the other hand, male mosquitoes survive rather well by feeding on plant nectar. Even said, a female mosquito does not require plenty of food to have a full course meal. Mosquitoes are not among the largest eaters despite their biting behaviors.

A female mosquito can consume roughly 0.000005—or five millionths—of a liter of blood in a single bite. A mosquito can drink up to three times its body weight, yet it does not require much to really fill it up. When a woman has had enough, her stomach receptors release chemicals that alert her to the issue. 

She will then search for an appropriate spot to finish the meal over the next few hours. Yet, females remain awake for very long. After a female lays her eggs, the hunt for a new host starts over again.

Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes from Consuming Our Blood

Lastly, we will talk about the most important issue: how can we stop mosquitoes from sucking our blood? Thus, to help you get rid of mosquitoes, consider some of these useful preventive measures:

  • Seek Professional Guidance

Experts know the best way to get rid of mosquitoes, so why to take the risk and ask them to help you with the same? Make your home mosquito-free by arranging a mosquito pest control treatment. 

  • Make Sure to Use a Good Mosquito Repellent

To get the best mosquito protection with no negative side effects, make sure to use an excellent mosquito repellent, such as the AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Dispenser, which releases four times fewer chemicals. 

  • Put On Protective Clothing

Wearing full-length clothing is the easiest way to keep mosquitoes from sucking your blood. Limiting skin exposure is intended in order to make it harder for these insects to inject you with a bloodsucking syringe. 

  • Keeping your residence mosquito-free

Installing air conditioners inside the house, putting mosquito screens on the windows, and using insecticide products in the house can help you keep your residence mosquito-free. Moreover, to keep mosquitoes away from the outside of your house, you should avoid keeping any water sources like puddles and pots away from your residence where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. 

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