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How Long Do Bed Bugs Live Without Food And Water?


Bed bugs are small insects and a common pest in Texas households. They do not carry diseases and are not really a threat to human life. However, they can be a nuisance and cause sleep disturbances and painful bites. Bed bugs feast on human and animal blood, making them a parasite. They are known for being able to live for long periods without food. 

If you are thinking of depriving them of food to get rid of them, it might not work. You cannot empty your house for a few days and expect to come back to a bed-bug-free home. When these critters cannot find food, they go into a state of semi-hibernation. It allows them to preserve their energy for up to a year. Get professional Pest Control in Southlake today. 

What do bed bugs eat?

Bed bugs essentially drink blood from humans and animals. They attach themselves to the host and suck their blood. They do not possess the ability to chew or bite. 

Unlike other pests, such as rats, squirrels, flies, roaches, etc., bed bugs are not attracted to dirty, filthy spaces. They can be found anywhere where humans and animals are. Although they do not have the ability to jump or fly, they travel from place to place by hitchhiking. 

How long can bed bugs live without food?

Bed bugs can retain moisture for a long time. Their shells have a wax coating, which prevents water from evaporating from their bodies. Additionally, the human blood they feast on is full of nutrients that keep them full for prolonged periods. 

Bed bugs can truly live on for months without food. However, the answer may change depending on the bug’s age and the temperature of its habitat. A baby bed bug won’t be able to survive as long as an adult bug. Additionally, bed bugs in colder temperatures will utilize less energy and survive longer. 

Another factor is the group they are in. Like many other animals and pests, bed bugs can survive longer when they are in a big group. They release pheromones, guiding each other to safer hiding places and thus prolonging their survival. Some people believe that bed bugs eat each other when they cannot find food for a long time, which is a myth. 

So, the answer depends on several factors. Usually, a bed bug can survive for 6 to 12 months without a host. However, they cannot reproduce without healthy human blood. 

What can I do if I spot bed bugs in my house?

Spotting bed bugs in the house can be a sign that there are more in your bed. If you spot one, take the following measures. 

  • Put your bedsheet and comforters in hot water for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Use steamers to get rid of them on beds, couches, mattresses, and other places where they might possibly be. 
  • Vacuum properly inside the corners
  • If you have clutters, ensure to declutter them, as bed bugs will find their way into cluttered spaces first. 
  • You can speak to a pest control service who can help you in getting rid of them permanently and provide proper guidance on the same. 

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