Garden pavers or garden slabs

Garden pavers or garden slabs? What type of material should be chosen to make a garden.?


hat is a garden landscape?

A miniature garden is a miniature garden or Penjing with small but delicate miniatures, helping to bring the living space to life. Large houses without a garden will feel monotonous. By adding some green space, flowers and plants will fill the dead corners of the house, creating architectural highlights, harmonious colors create a friendly atmosphere in the eyes of family members as well as house guests.

This is a style of design that many homeowners love, featuring a combination of trees, flowers, pebbles and other decorative items to create fresh green space and lively accents for the living space. . . In outdoor architecture, each garden miniature is a miniature world of the universe through the details of plants, water, rocks…

They not only bring a living green space – which is lacking in big cities today, but also help to attract good luck, health and fortune to the owner.

The size of the small garden landscape is very diverse, depending on the construction project area, whether the garden is small or large, etc. With houses with a limited garden, you can design a hanging garden on the balcony with Lots of bright and fresh flowers. As for larger villas, you can set up a small landscaped garden with neatly tended potted plants, a green lawn full of wild flowers and a cool lake to add to the exterior beauty of the villa.

The characteristic of the Japanese style is silence, peace, creating a feeling of relaxation and comfort. They are made up of trees, a few figurines, pebbles, bamboo and flowers. Each bush is arranged in a sophisticated way, helping Beautiful Garden grow more vivid and deeper with lots of special meaning.

Mini garden landscape in the style of a Vietnamese village

With bold ethnic influences, this style is associated with a peaceful village scene with simple and sober materials such as bamboo, wood, cork, honeycomb stone, red brick… A common scene is a pond at fish with lotus flowers and water lilies, surrounded by fishing huts, tea tables and chairs set up in the middle of the garden for the owners to rest and enjoy the scenery. This style is suitable for owners who love the antique and nostalgia of the Vietnamese countryside, want to enjoy the peace and coolness in the heart of the bustling city.

This style is not dominated by the “natural” but it still shows the care and ingenuity of human hands. They show strength, righteousness, clarity. This small landscaped garden is very suitable for classic and neoclassical style villas.

There are many types of greenery that can be landscaped when you choose this style, from lush perennials to low shrubs, tall bushes, wall vines, porches. The bushes are arranged symmetrically, the garden path is not curved, but also straight or square.

Each position is carefully arranged, elaborately cut into many round, square, triangular and artistic shapes such as cones, rotating circles.

Chinese style miniature garden

The style of Chinese gardens is largely influenced by Confucianism, with the criterion of creating an almost absolute balance between elements such as: stillness and movement, rocks and water, trees and courtyards. They bring an ancient and royal feeling with old communal houses, surrounded by winding roads, with ponds, decorative stones, flowers and grass…

According to the area of ​​the garden, the financial conditions and the preferences of the owner, the designer can choose the most suitable style, or combine the four styles mentioned above to create a delicate and luxurious beauty in harmony with the whole villa .

Why do villas often develop miniature gardens?

Nowadays, it is easy to see that luxury villas are furnished with garden landscape design. They are appreciated for their many benefits such as:

The first thing is that houses with a small garden landscape are more focused on aesthetics. The gardens are bursting with fresh colors of flowers and grass, bringing green and natural beauty to the living space. A villa with carefully designed and neat miniatures will definitely be the highlight to catch the eyes of every guest who comes to visit the house. At the same time, it shows the owner’s taste, stylish pleasure and strong financial assertion.

Japanese Garden Miniature Scenes Beautifully constructed, delicately arranged, bringing natural scenes into the home space, it will help create a close and relaxing living space with fresh air. When you are financially strong, taking care of your spiritual life is even more important. In the midst of urban areas populated by foreigners, rugged villas surrounded by cool nature gradually become special. Bring people to immerse themselves in nature, forget about fatigue after long wor

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