Bathroom beauty

Bathroom beauty: 5 awesome ways to reinvigorate your space


The bathroom is the last room in the home that should stress you out. It should be the place where you keep cool, calm and collected, even if you are running 10 minutes late for your pay increase preso.

Even if life always finds a way to put the heat on it doesn’t mean our washrooms should do the same, and so we have compiled a list of five awesome ways you can reinvigorate your space if it’s truly had it.

Say goodbye to that cramped, uncomfortable space – here are some fantastic ways to beautify your bathroom:

The glass shower door

When it comes to first class bathroom accessories and fittings, the glass shower door is right up the top. But why? There’s nothing special about this appendage, why should it be up top?

It’s simple, really: it gives the illusion of more space! This room is one that should feel comfortably spacious at all times, and you cannot truly feel that way if you feel like half the room is cut off by a graphic print shower curtain.

Enter the glass shower screen door: it opens up the room’s feeling whilst allowing more natural light, ensuring that you will feel far more comfortable when getting ready for that big meeting.

Remove the clutter

A clutter-heavy washroom is one that makes anyone stressed, especially when they’re tripping over dirty clothes and knocking over unnecessary toiletries. Instead, why not add a couple of accessories to remove the ongoing clutter.

From washroom hampers to accessory containers, extra towel hooks and added cabinet space, there are many ways in which you can easily remove unwanted clutter in this room, making it far easier to navigate and feel at ease when you are in a rush!

The new vanity

Installing a new vanity won’t only replace that dated old 90s number – it will create a whole new level of storage and convenience for when you are getting ready for the day ahead.

A new vanity can not only provide plenty of storage space for your essentials, but can also provide the perfect bench for which to shave, do your makeup, brush your teeth etc.

And, on top of all this, they actually do look pretty amazing, so a new vanity is always going to be one of the ultimate ways to renovate this room in the home.

The mirror illusion

If you are looking to renovate your washroom in order to give it more space than installing new mirrors is one of the ultimate ways to do so. Mirrors – like that of the glass shower screen – give off the impression of having more space, something that is pivotal to maintaining calm and comfort in this potentially-stressful environment.

They truly give off the impression that the room keeps going, so if you can budget in a bigger mirror, this will certainly be one of the best ways to invigorate your space !

Heated towel racks

Winter can be absolutely frightful across Australia, and it’s always a bit of a shock to the system when you jump out of the shower on a freezing cold day. However, with the heated towel rack, you can get out of the shower and into the immediate warmth of your towel!

It’s one of the ultimate luxury accessories and another way you can reinvent this vital space into one in which you can feel completely comfortable!

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